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eVisits are available for patients who are enrolled in MyChart. eVisits allow you to message a health care provider about common conditions. You can send your request whenever it's convenient, and our providers will respond during treatment hours.

How it works

  • A provider will respond within 1 business day during clinic business hours with a treatment plan and prescription if necessary.
  • eVisit Charges:

    The cost of an eVisit depends on the time needed to evaluate and determine the best care for you. Some insurance plans will cover an eVisit.

    • 5-10 minutes = $52
    • 11-20 minutes = $103
    • More than 20 minutes = $167

    eVisits are available for the following conditions

    • Acne
    • Allergies
    • Back Pain
    • Canker/Cold Sore
    • Cold/Cough/Congestion
    • COVID Concerns**
    • Depression/Anxiety Related Issues
    • Diaper Rash
    • Diarrhea
    • Eczema
    • Headache
    • Heartburn
    • Pink Eye
    • Ringworm
    • Sinus Issues
    • Skin Concerns
    • Urinary Infections/Bladder Concerns
    • Vaginal Discharge/Irritation
    • General Concerns

    ** Please note: If you have COVID-19 symptoms or do not have symptoms but want a COVID-19 test only, please use Symptom Checker within MyChart. Once complete, you will be able to schedule your COVID-19 test online. Testing for multiple illnesses (COVID-19, influenza, strep, and/or RSV) requires an eVisit which can be started using MyChart. An eVisit is the fastest way to get this approval. (If you already have approval to be tested, you don’t need an eVisit.) Please select “Next available provider” after starting the eVisit. You’ll wait less than one hour, on average, to hear from our care team. After your eVisit, you’ll be able to self-schedule your tests through MyChart. To learn more about testing, visit the COVID-19 Resource Hub.

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