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MyChart Sign Up Instructions

  1. Go to, if you are not already on the login page.
  2. Click on Sign Up Now option (below the Log In option).
  3. Type in your Access Code, your date of birth, home phone number, and zip code. This information must match your Fairview Epic demographics.
  4. Click the Next button.
  5. This will bring you to the Choose an ID & Password page.
    1. Enter a MyChart ID.

      This is not case sensitive.

    2. Then type in a password following the guidelines to the right.

      Password must be 6 - 18 characters

      Must contain on number and one letter.

      You cannot have your name or user login as the password.

      The password is case sensitive.

    3. Retype your password.
    4. Select your security question.
    5. Enter an answer to the security question.

      The answers are not case sensitive but are space sensitive.

      Example: NewYork versus New York

    6. Click Next.
  6. This will bring you to the Email Notification page.
    1. Enter your email address.
    2. Retype your email address.
    3. Click Sign In.
  7. This will bring up the Terms and Conditions page.
    1. Select the "Please do not show this page next time" to stop the message from displaying each time you log in.
    2. You will need to review and Accept the Terms and Conditions. This agreement is also found on the internal MyChart page, located that the bottom of the page named Terms & Conditions, if you wish to review again.
  8. You are now signed into MyChart.


Now that you are a MyChart user you can Download the MyChart App for iPhone or Android.

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